Did you know that we also have Portable Toilets?!

Elitte Septic Tank & Grease Trap Service, Inc., would like to remind you that we have everything to meet all of your portable toilet needs for any kind of short term event!

The Doo Doo Guru is here to help you! 

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In addition to all of the below portable toilet options, we now have a fleet of luxury restrooms for any type of event and long-term project where you want the convenience, functionality, and luxury of the finest portable restrooms on the market! We have these available for the entire Middle TN area! Please visit www.executiverestroomsllc.com for more information and a gallery of photos! Contact us today for quotes and reservations at 615-504-7178! 


 Standard Portable Toilets


Our standard portable toilet units are made from durable plastic which enables us to keep the units very clean!  All of Elitte’s portable toilet units are immaculately clean and extremely well maintained. These standard portable toilets feature vent screens for ventilation and cooling, a stand over urinal, and are well supplied with toilet tissue. These standard portable toilet units are equipped for 1 unit per 10 men for 10 hour intervals.  We have over 100 standard portable toilets available.




 Event Portable Toilets

Elitte’s Event Portable Toilets are just like the standard portable toilets, but they automatically come with a Hand Sanitizer Attachment. click images below for larger versions:


 Handicap Accessible Portable Toilets

These portable toilets are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.  The features of our handicap portable toilets include ground level entry, an inside handicap railing for easy accessibility to the seat deck, and a magnetic door that closes automatically. These handicap portable toilets are also reinforced by molded plastic construction, and they have adequate interior space for a wheelchair to turn 360 degrees inside the portable toilet.  Our handicap accessible portable toilets are stocked with toilet paper, and they also have a hand sanitizer attachment in them.   click images below for larger versions:

 All-In-One Deluxe Portable Toilets

Elitte’s All-In-One Deluxe Portable Toilets are all self-contained! They include a flushable toilet, a self-contained sink with fresh running water, a soap dispenser with liquid hand soap, a paper towel dispenser with paper towels, and a mirror.  These portable toilets are “complete restrooms” and they do not need an external water source. They are perfect for more formal outdoor events!  click images below for larger versions:


Fresh Water Hand Wash Stations

Elitte’s hand wash stations have all of the convenience of indoor sinks, only outdoors!  Our hand wash stations are equipped with antibacterial soap & paper towels.  They are also available as double hand wash stations. All of our hand wash stations feature hands free operation (operated using a foot pump), have self-contained hand soap dispensers, and paper towels.