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Septic Tank Maintenance

How do you take the most effective preventative measures against your septic tank having problems?

There is no better way to prevent septic disasters than having your tank pumped every 3 years for the average size household. There are no chemicals that will compare to having your septic tank pumped. It is a tank, it will get full. It will come out somehow, and you do not want it backing up into your washer & dryer along with other places because you haven’t had it emptied in way too long. The damage of not taking care of your septic tank can result in a much higher costing repair than if you just had the tank serviced regularly. Think oil changes for vehicles. If you don’t do standard maintenance on your vehicle… it eventually costs you a lot more money because of the damage. However, that can be avoided. For both, vehicles & septic tanks! 😉

If it has been over 3 years, please call the Doo Doo Guru today! 

Grease Trap Service

Let me be clear, there are actually several types of “Doo”….. 

One type is GREASE! 

And, we are the solution for that too!

We offer regular grease trap maintenance, and will take your cooking oil as well. We will even buy your cooking oil if it’s available in large enough amounts! So, please call us if you want to hear about our Grease Trap/Cooking Oil service! 


The Doo Doo Guru is here to serve you!!

Just for fun! :)

He’s orange, he’s brown…

And we are sure you’ve seen him around!
Cleaning up messes across Middle Tennessee
From Portable Toilets, to Septic Tanks, & Especially Grease!
Elitte Septic Tank & Grease Trap Service, Inc
is happy to say…
We are the home of the Doo Doo Guru
and He is here to stay!
That’s right!
We said, Septic tanks, Grease Traps, and Portable Toilets to name a few!
Car Washes, Jetter Services, Sewer Lines…we do all of those too!
Repairs, Inspections, and so much more….
Call the Doo Doo Guru! He’s seen it all before!
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Call the experts who know the most!
Don’t wait around in your smelly disaster!
Call Elitte, No one will get there faster!
Visit if you really don’t know what to do…. 
Then pick up the phone… The Doo Doo Guru is here to serve YOU! 

Did you know that we also have Portable Toilets?!

Elitte Septic Tank & Grease Trap Service, Inc., would like to remind you that we have everything to meet all of your portable toilet needs for any kind of event! We have 4 types of portable toilets:


1) Standard Portable Toilet- basic portable unit. It has a mirror, a urinal, and it comes fully prepared with toilet tissue & it is sanitized & ready to  go. Can be used for Construction sites, remodeling sites, camping, outdoor events such as spectator games & shooting rages, etc. 

2) Event Portable Toilet- Standard sized portable toilet that comes in gray or blue. It is ideal for more formal events such as weddings, receptions, and parties. It comes equipped with urinal, mirror, toilet tissue, and a hand sanitizer attachment.

3)All In One Deluxe Portable Toilet- This is a gray basic portable toilet with a hand washing station inside the portable toilet. Comes equipped with urinal, mirror, toilet tissue, paper towels, and hand soap. 

4) Handicap Portable Toilet- This meets ADA handicap requirements. Comes equipped with urinal, mirror, and the hand sanitizer attachment. 

We also have stand alone Hand Washing Stations that can be set up outside of the portable  toilet area. They are two sided, and they come equipped with paper towels & hand soap. They also hold up to 40 gallons of fresh water. 


Call for rates!!! The Doo Doo Guru is here to help you! 

The Doo Doo Guru is blogging!!

Stay tuned to our blog for great information for your septic tank system! I plan on updating this periodically with information on common problems and what might need to be done in order to get your system working properly! 

Remember, the fastest way to find a solution is to always call the Doo Doo Guru on the phone at 615-504-7178! There is always someone available to take your call!