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From the Field!!

This week’s “from the field” from our crewman Roger:

Customer called because they had standing water in their yard. We discovered their tank was not draining to their field lines. We fixed it by digging up the line and replacing it.

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~the Doo Doo Guru





Enjoy this “From the Field”

We hope you enjoy this week’s
“From the Field” from our crewman Brandon:
A restaurant customer complained about their greasetrap always overflowing through the lid and making a giant mess every night at closing.
I arrived and assessed the situation and discovered the lid was not properly sealed down with a rubber gasket. To make matters worse, there was no flow restrictor installed in the line before the trap which reduces how much can be introduced into the system.
With the combination of these faults I concluded this was certainly the problem and advised accordingly.
After the installation of the restrictor and a gasket, their issue was solved.
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~The Doo Doo Guru

Our latest “From the Field”

Here’s our latest “From the Field” from our crewman Tyler:

“I went out to a business earlier this week and they had complained about having issues with the floor drains backing up into the kitchen, once we got there and opened the lids to the grease trap we found the issue. The inlet tee on the grease trap was clogged with old grease due to lack of proper maintenance so after pumping the tank down and snaking the line all of the grease from the pipe was removed and the floor drains no longer were an issue.”

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~The Doo Doo Guru

This week’s “From the Field”

Our customer thought he needed his tank pumped. 

After digging up the tank, I could clearly see that the customer had old cast iron pipes between the house and the tank. I recommended replacing the old pipe with plastic pvc pipe and installing a clean out to prevent future stopping up issues.
I came back, dug up and replaced the old cast iron pipe with pvc and added a clean out.

The customer was very happy with our work.

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~The Doo Doo Guru

*photos are visual examples only

Friday from the Field:

Here’s this week’s “Friday from the Field” from our crewman Roger:
Homeowner said they had sewer coming up in the yard. We assessed the situation and discovered that he needed a new splash box and new crossovers for his field line. As you can see in the photos we completed the repair and covered it up and everything is working fine.

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~the Doo Doo Guru

Friday from the field:

1. Customer’s system was backing in home after days of gurgling and toilets draining slow, even though she had it pumped within 2 years.
2. Tank condition was fine. I noticed when opening the lid that the inlet Tee and line was clogged with grease slowing flow and eventually leading to a back up.
3. Visually saw grease all in the inlet baffle Tee and no water draining from home.
4. Cleared Tee of grease, snaked line to make sure all grease was free. Had customer run all water in home to free any loose grease or objects that could still be in line.
Was able to save her a pump charge and only a service charge while also freeing up the clog!
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~The Doo Doo Guru 

Friday From The Field!!!

Here’s our Friday From The Field from our guy Cody:
I went out to a job where the customer stated that his septic line coming from his house was clogged and not draining to the septic tank properly.
I found that there was a rock lodged in one section on the line.
I put our sewer line camera in one of the clean outs and pushed it down the pipe and eventually could see what it was and where it was located.
We fixed the problem by digging it up and cutting it at two different spots. After the line was open, removed the rock and repaired the line with new pvc fittings and he was good to go.
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Friday from the Field!

We’re back to our “Fridays from the field” posts for y’all!!
From our crew member Brandon while out in the field this week:
A customer called concerned about septic backing up into home. After inspecting the situation, I found the levels in tank to be normal which indicates a clog or issue with pipe from the home. Upon closer inspection, I discovered the pipe from house was old cast iron and was heavily congested with rust causing a bad clog in the line. I was able to snake the clog free and recommended replacement to PVC.
Please call 615-504-7178 for all your septic needs!
~The Doo Doo Guru

From our owner, Robert, this week!

I have been called out to service several customers this week with low pressure pipe systems two residential and one commercial property. LLPS systems were designed for applications where conventional septic systems won’t work due to poor soil or water table issues.

The problem is almost every owner of these type systems never realizes how important the maintenance is on these types.
The valves to adjust head pressure, the turn ups to blow out the lines, and the overall sensitivity of not driving on or letting the area become overgrown or over-vegetated. I encourage anyone who has an alternative septic system to read up on and educate themselves about maintenance to avoid costly repairs or possibly total failure.

Tyler shared this about a job last week:

Tyler shared this about one of his jobs last week:

On monday night I received a call to go to clarksville. A gym was backing up inside into the showers and floor drains.
The problem was that the pumps in the lift station stopped working. I found that out by opening the control panel and trying to manually turn the pumps on. They wouldn’t cut on so to solve the problem I pumped the lift station dry, and sucked out the line to give them relief for the night.

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