Read and Learn about the potential for septic tank disasters!!!

We did a job today at a home that was built in 1987. Since then, two additions had been made to the home and a detached garage had been built with a guest apartment above it. 

The main septic tank had never been pumped, and the lid was actually under an aggregate concrete sidewalk. Along with a sidewalk being over top of the septic tank, the water lines, the electrical lines, and drain lines, were also on top of the septic tank. 

There isn’t anything simple we could do to fix every problem here… but we were able to cut the concrete sidewalk to get to the lid without ruining any of the lines, we installed a riser so that the tank has easier access, and were able to put the concrete back and it didn’t look too disturbed. The main tank was dangerously close to backing up. 

In the guest house, an old water tank from Tractor Supply seemed to be what prior owners had installed for a septic tank…. now the guest apartment has a real septic tank that will meet the needs of the homeowner. 


Moral of the story, when you do additions on a home, make sure you get a permit and do not do anything that would impact your septic tank and the location and its’ accessibility.


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~the Doo Doo Guru