Another job featured this week!!

Another crew member shared one of his experiences out in the field this week:

“I went out to a customer on Hyde Rd in Springfield to pump a septic tank. When I got there she told me that everything was draining slow.

The problem was that the field lines are not good so therefore the water is not able to exit the tank. This means that the tank gets too full and starts to back up in the house.

As soon as I popped the lid off I noticed that the level was above the inlet tee which tells me the water isn’t getting out.

The only way to fix this is for her to get with the county to see what they want to do about getting her some new field lines. I mentioned to her that we do this type of work but it would be up to her to give us a call.”

Sometimes the issue is bigger than we can solve in one visit. But, we’re committed to making sure our customers understand exactly what their options are! Thank you all for trusting us with your septic needs!!