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Dee – When Robert first met Dee she worked in sales for a vendor of ours. He could tell right away she had compassion for us as a customer. She would not sell him anything that would not benefit the company. (Which we all know is almost unbelievable for a sales person to tell you no you do not want that.) She left the company to devote her time to her children. She took on a marketing position for Elitte 5 years ago as she was able to continue being home with them. God later placed her in another position in the church. Her heart grew even stronger as she listened to the Lord and went back to college to complete her studies in Ministry. (All this as she continued to grow our company.) Graduation came and today as she continues to follow the Lords word. She left her position with the church to open a home that servers single mothers and their children whom are homeless. This lady is a true hero in my book. But did I mention she is still working with Elitte? She handles all our marketing including our facebook, website, internet listings and the inconsistent tornados that Robert and I throw at her. She continues to give us wonderful advise on what we should and should not be spending our money on for marketing just as she did prior to working for us. (When I grow up, I want to be just like her and have her hair!!) Have I mentioned just how fortunate Robert and I are to have such wonderful people working for us!! We are truly blessed.11889476_10206960476632386_8858347873427149475_n

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