If you just love your toilet paper, your septic system probably doesn’t!

Common problems in septic tanks that we service revolve around what types of toilet paper homeowners are using. The best way to test which brands are ok for your system is by taking a square of the tissue and running water on it. Then, see how easy it pulls apart. If it doesn’t pull apart easily in your hands, it’s not going to dissolve well in your tank. We know that Charmin is the absolute worst for your septic tank. The thinner, the better. 

And, under no circumstances, should you ever use “flushable” wipes if you are on septic. This is remedy for a disaster! 

As always, if you are experiencing septic trouble, give us a call at 615-504-7178! We’d love to serve you! 

~The Doo Doo Guru

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