Save a pig…. The Doo Doo Gurus version of Mythbusters!

The Doo Doo Guru’s version of Mythbusters:
“I flush rotten pork down my toilet to keep my septic tank healthy.”
Fact or myth?
MYTH. The philosophy is that the bacteria will help maintain the health of your septic tank. However, there is actually enough bacteria going into your tank on it’s own without any help if this was actually the best way to keep your tank healthy. Today’s household products have way too many anti-bacterial agents in them to be relied on to keep your septic tank from overflowing. You heard it here: there is no replacement for pumping out your septic tank when it comes to keeping your septic tank at optimum performance! This is recommended every 3-5 years. If you don’t do this, your system will fail prematurely.
Call us today if you’re due for a septic tank service….. and save a pig.
~The Doo Doo Guru

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