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A look inside!

Happy Thursday!! The first picture is a sewer ejector pump that lasted the homeowner 8 years. The second one is the completion of an installation of the new pump!




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What is included in the cost for septic service?!

Happy Fall (now if the weather would get a clue) and Happy Friday!! 🙂
We wanted to make a few things clear about how we do our pricing and what exceptions there might be to our septic services.
Our standard septic tank service price is for a standard 1,000 gallon size tank and includes our crew locating the tank itself along with digging up to two feet to access the lid. There is only an additional fee on top of our price quote if we have to actually dig more than two feet!
It is a commonly asked question if we charge extra for finding the tank and then locating the lid, and we do not. So, we wanted to make it  blog official! 😉 Have a blessed weekend!

Before & After Grease Trap Cleaning

Taking a break from septic systems this week to offer some insight into grease traps. It is required that grease traps are maintained and serviced regularly. If you are in need of this service, we’d love to be your company. Here’s a before and after of a 100 gallon indoor grease trap that we cleaned!



Concrete does deteriorate!

This is a photo of a PVC Tee we had to put in to replace a concrete Tee that had fell off. It was letting trash out of the tank and into a pump vault and burning up pumps. This is one example of why it is important to pump and inspect concrete tanks. They do deteriorate over time, some faster than others depending on the type of chemicals, starches, and free fatty acids. As always, if you are unsure about the health of your septic system or know you haven’t had your’s pumped in 3-5 years, give us a call!


The Doo Doo Guru


Do Not Plant Trees Or Bushes………

Do Not plant trees or bushes anywhere near your septic system or sewer lines.
Its crazy to think that tree roots can bust through cement septic tanks. There have been many that we have had to saw the roots out of though! This is a picture of a sewer line that had a crack in it and a holly bush decided to take over the inside of the line. There was absolutely no use to this system.
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