Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The Doo Doo Gurus hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever!

Sorry, not sorry about the meme…. just couldn’t resist!!! 😛


Updated News on Our Services!

The Doo Doo Guru wants everyone to know that we are no longer going to take any more installation jobs until further notice. In addition, we no longer offer emergency service unless it is through company contracts!

We are so grateful for everyone’s continued support of our small business!

The Doo Doo Guru

Doo Doo Guru holiday sightings!!!

As the holidays approach, we like to keep everyone informed of all the different places the Doo Doo Guru will be making an appearance. This year, look for us in the Springfield Christmas Parade the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the Dickson County Christmas Parade the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and the Hendersonville Christmas Parade on Sunday, December 6th! 

Love this time of year!! 

~The Doo Doo Guru

Portable Toilets!

We know the outdoor events are going to be winding down, but don’t forget that we do have portable toilets, regular, handicap, and event types! Give us a call if we can help! Here are some pics of the new colors we have in addition to our blue and gray ones! 

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Everyday Heroes!



Join us in looking for those everyday heroes, especially on a Monday!! 🙂

~The Doo Doo Guru

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