~First staff member we want to honor!

“Michelle is a very early morning riser for Elitte. (For those of you that do not know Christie, know that this is a HUGE thing.) She begins every morning greeting our guys at the shop prior to arriving to the office. She is a very determined and dedicated employee. She has been with us for 2 years beginning her career with us as an after hours receptionist/ job scheduler and shortly advanced to a full time day receptionist/ job scheduler. (Might I add being a receptionist is a job for superwoman.) With much determination, Michelle continues to grow within the company and is now responsible of handling all accounts receivable. But wait, superwoman she STILL is because she still assists with receptionist responsibilities and continues to handle our after hours calls as she handles the accounts receivable. She is absolutely wonderful at keeping the office running smoothly and by far not scared to stand her ground. (We work with men people and in septic come on now.) She handles herself very well in all she does yet she still makes time for her family of 3 boys and a loving husband (whom owns his own company). Michelle is a HUGE blessing to have with her upbeat attitude and her drive to keep Elitte a successful company. She is a True Doo Doo Guru!!”

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