From the owners of Elitte Septic & Grease Trap Service, Inc.

Felicia – With God all things happen at just the right time. Robert and I had the joys of spending our high school days with this lady. As time passed she moved out of state. But it just so happened we immediately took great advantage of her moving back to town. In our need of help she was willing to take on a position requiring her to put up with the two of us again. For a year now, she has stepped up to the plate as our full time office receptionist/job scheduler. Trust me if you have spoken to her, her very bubbly, sweet southern drawl will grab your attention immediately. We love her attentiveness to detail and how highly protective she is of our crew. Her loyalty and faith in us is greatly treasured. When she is not at work she is running from spiders (actually she does this at work too!!) and being a mom of four. (I have no idea how she does it!!)



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