From the owners:

Wayne- I personally have known this guy all his life. Robert has known him from the time Wayne could say Robret. (Too young to pronounce Robert). Yet he grew up and became what would have been the best electrician in the world…..sorry world….he gave it all up for us 7 years ago. Can I just say we could never express to him exactly how much this means to us. This man is the balance to this company. He brings a since of peace to Robert daily knowing he always has his back no matter personal or business. He has stuck with us through the very good and the very bad times. And may I just say the anxiety levels rise when he even remotely thinks of taking a day off. We love the heart this man has for us and the company.
His picture says it all – his cockyness brotherly love. He is one of a kind and could never be replaced. Love you bubba!!

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