2018 Coopertown Barrel Festival

The Doo Doo Guru is here at the Coopertown Barrel Festival! Come see us with all your septic questions/concerns, get a photo with the Doo Doo Guru, or spin our wheel to win an awesome gadget or souvenir!!! 

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Ok friends! We didn’t make the list for some reason but we need your help writing us in under Services —- Plumbing Company since they don’t have a Septic Tank category. Please click on the link and write our full name (Elitte Septic Tank & Grease Trap Service)  in so we can win! You can vote every day with the same email until May 18th! Thank you for always supporting this small business.



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Great Safety Tips for Septic Tanks!

Here at Elitte Septic Tank & Grease Trap Service, Inc., we are always wanting to teach safety regarding the potential hazards of owning a septic tank! This is a great article from Angie’s List, and we hope you find this information useful! Have a wonderful Tuesday!
And of course, if you need our services, please call 615-504-7178!
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What can happen without proper septic system maintenance!

This is why we can’t stress enough how important it is to get your septic tank system pumped and inspected no less than every five years. This tank is from 1991, and lack of proper maintenance has led to a rotted baffle tee outlet which allowed solids to drain into field lines, etc. The only way to repair this disaster is replacing the entire septic system! With regular five year pumpings, this issue would have been identified and fixed long before it turned into the problem it did! 

Don’t “replace an entire engine because you never changed the oil” goes a long way in the septic tank world!

Give us a call if you’re needing our services! 😊

~The Doo Doo Guru

Spring Septic Tips!

“Spring” Septic Tip: Any change in season or temperature is a good time to have your septic tank serviced or at least inspected. Even after mild winters, it is likely that there will be more overflow just from the level of moisture the soil holds from the increased precipitation over those months and the lack of absorption. Additionally, Spring brings a lot of showers!
Getting an inspection and your tank pumped out is the best way to avoid major issues that will lead to major repairs and major bills. This is standard maintenance and can be compared to the changing of tires, oil, and brake pads in a vehicle! You invest to keep your automobile healthy, prevent major issues, and increase the length of time you will have it. It’s the same for septic tank maintenance. Give us a call if you are needing your septic tank pumped or if you are in need of an inspection! 615-504-7178!
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Backroads Septic takes over our Dickson business!

You may have noticed that Elitte Septic is no longer serving the Dickson area. 

Our previous employee, Bob Camren, has purchased our Dickson location and is now called Backroads Septic. Same great service!!

Backroads Septic

1071 Hwy 47 E.
Dickson, TN 37055



Review us and get $100!!

Greetings, Friends! We are so excited for Christmas! And, we could use a hand building our online reputation on google. So, we’ve decided to combine our efforts with your possible efforts as a Christmas shopping incentive!

For every online review we get on google, we receive an email that it’s been complete. If you’ve ever used our services and were satisfied with our company, would you please take two minutes and submit a review on google for us?

As a “thank you” we will put your name in a drawing to win a $100 giftcard to use toward Christmas shopping! This is only good until the 15th of December, and we will draw that day!

Holidays & Septic Tanks!

Don’t forget, you will have more people visiting your homes over the holidays. It is a great idea to get your septic tank serviced if it’s been over 3 years so that you’re not dealing with a messy disaster while your guests are visiting and having to pay for emergency hours service!!! 

Call us today to service your tank @615-504-7178

The Doo Doo Guru

Luxury Portable Restrooms available for all of Middle TN!

Elitte is excited to let our customers know that we now have a fleet of luxury restrooms for any type of event and long-term project where you want the convenience, functionality, and luxury of the finest portable restrooms on the market! We have these available for the entire Middle TN area! Please visit www.executiverestroomsllc.com for more information and a gallery of photos! Contact us today for quotes and reservations at 615-504-7178! 

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