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This week’s “on the job”

Austin shared this about one of his jobs this week:

A customer called because the alarm was going off on the pump tank. She had assumed the pump tank was the only tank. We were able to inform her that she actually had 2 tanks and this was the first cleaning since the home was built.

The older pump had gone out so she needed a servicing on the primary tank and also a pump replacement in the secondary tank.

We were able to access sludge that had been carried to the secondary tank so that meant the primary tank had to be in rough condition if sludge was pushing through the baffle and filtration process.

So, we pumped the septic and pump tank, removed the pump and float, replaced both with a newer updated model and float switch. Her system is now working properly.

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Another job featured this week!!

Another crew member shared one of his experiences out in the field this week:

“I went out to a customer on Hyde Rd in Springfield to pump a septic tank. When I got there she told me that everything was draining slow.

The problem was that the field lines are not good so therefore the water is not able to exit the tank. This means that the tank gets too full and starts to back up in the house.

As soon as I popped the lid off I noticed that the level was above the inlet tee which tells me the water isn’t getting out.

The only way to fix this is for her to get with the county to see what they want to do about getting her some new field lines. I mentioned to her that we do this type of work but it would be up to her to give us a call.”

Sometimes the issue is bigger than we can solve in one visit. But, we’re committed to making sure our customers understand exactly what their options are! Thank you all for trusting us with your septic needs!!

How we handled this job…

An apartment complex maintenance man said this lift station was always having problems and causing backups throughout the apartments. Our crew man identified the grease buildup on the floats which would weigh them down making them inoperable. So, with a good cleaning and a commitment to quarterly cleaning, the problem is solved. 


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Septic System Repairs & Installs

At Elitte Septic Tank & Grease Trap Service, Inc. we pride ourselves on maintaining and repairing septic tanks! But, we also specialize in the entire installation process too! Please call us at 615-504-7178 for any septic tank installation estimates you might need! 

~The Doo Doo Guru 

Tuesday Tip:

Ok, so this weather has us feeling like we’ve had a ton of rain even if we haven’t really… but….

Here’s our rainy septic tip:

“It is common to have a septic back up after or even during a heavy rain. Significant rainfall can quickly flood the ground around the soil absorption area (drainfield) leaving it saturated, making it impossible for water to flow out of your septic system.”

~The Doo Doo Guru

Don’t forget we do Grease Traps too!!

Taking a break from septic systems this week to offer some insight into grease traps. It is required that grease traps are maintained and serviced regularly. If you are in need of this service, we’d love to be your company. Here’s a before and after of a 100 gallon indoor grease trap that we cleaned!


~The Doo Doo Guru

Don’t plant shrubs or trees near your septic!

Do Not plant trees or bushes anywhere near your septic system or sewer lines.
Its crazy to think that tree roots can bust through cement septic tanks. There have been many that we have had to saw the roots out of though! This is a picture of a sewer line that had a crack in it and a holly bush decided to take over the inside of the line. There was absolutely no use to this system.

Jetter Services Here!

Hey friends!!

Could you help us spread the word on a special service we do offer but not many know about?

We provide jetter services for commercial and residential. We do not jet field lines but we do jet main sewer lines.

We especially want plumbers to know we can help with this!

Give us a call if we’re needed: 615-504-7178

~The Doo Doo Guru